After living in the area for many years, the founder of GWani Styles wanted to create a barber shop that provides great quality haircuts and a family friendly environment. Located in Portland, Maine, the barbershop is surrounded by great shops, restaurants, and residential areas. We offer affordable prices that are well received by both the local clientele and visiting clients.

The barbershop was created to accommodate all types of clients by providing a contemporary but comforting setting, as well as offering the best product lines available on the market for all hair types. The cornerstone of our success lies in the fact that we understand the importance of outstanding customer service for all clients, from the moment they walk in, to the moment they leave. Our team of barbers and stylists are poised to offer specialized services to leave your hair irresistibly vibrant and beautiful.

As style and fashions change daily, our team is consistently adopting in a new and innovative ways to accommodate your ultimate desired look. Even a simple blow dry requires talent, as well as other hair techniques that takes years of practice to perfect. We would love to have you as a guest at GWani Styles, conveniently located in the Morrills Conor. Come and meet us! Let us share our love for our neighborhood and our commitment to excellence with you.

Choosing GWani Styles Barbershop means you accept nothing but great quality

If you are looking for an upscale barbershop that specializes in a variety of hair styles in both men and woman, long and short styles please call  us at (207) 808-8621. Feel free to browse through our website and we to see you soon!